Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Information Technology a key driver to sustainability

(prompted by Tim Pozza:)

My interest in Johnson Controls is that I believe that infomatics is key to sustainability. Sustainable technology solutions are derived or impelled by infomatics as they allow us to:

1. Measure. better ability to measure effects and to synthesize the data gives us the ability to see what is happening in our energy systems.

2. Manage. with this resolution of the operation of systems and new controls brought on by networking technologies we have the ability to manage energy use, transmission and production

3. Integrate. with advanced systems we can begin to model, design and manage the intersection of once disparate systems. We have the processing power to visualize and model these interactions and this allows us to create virtuous cycles, where conjoined systems create synergy (the waste from one is energy for the next).

... this is a general high level thesis that is driving my work writ large.