Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is a form that I have sent out with one of my colleagues to capture some basic information at a starch and an ethanol facility. I want to collect the data that will allow me to determine whether it might be possible to do some cogeneration from methane, bagasse, whether the treatment ponds could be digested for cogen etc.

I intend to work out the math on this spreadsheet data capture form, so stay tuned.

You are welcome to contribute to this form - or add comments/suggestions on this blog entry.

Biofuel Refinery Input/Outputs Data Capture Form

This is to support my work at MEDA where we are going to do some CDM and biofuel investment.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Vector Bravo

After 18 months of post MBA work I have decided to focus on a new brand for myself. "Vector Bravo" is the brand under which I plan to continue my work. Where I had been more generally focused on sustainability and economic development, I have decided to focus my attention more specifically to the area to which I have been sucked-in, that is business development in the cleantech/green energy sector. My role in that sector has been emergent, where I have found my niche. In the companies that I have worked with I play an analytical role, helping to develop strategy and supporting sales personnel. Broadly business development. I intend to write periodically to document some of this work and in the interest of developing some discourse in this field and in creating new opportunities for me and my companies.